We are looking forward to playing with all of you next week! We have been working hard to gather all the fun materials that we will work with. Before we meet up please consider these two points of preparations:

1. The main part of the day we will spend on a creative studio (see program), where  we all can play with some of the materials we brought to the studio. If you plan to bring a some material that we all could play with it will be appreciated! Just let us just know in advance so we can add it to the studio setup!

2. To enhance the experience and to learn form each other we will ask you to bring something for a show-and-tell session. It can be anything that somehow relates to the theme of soft hardware and can be your own projects, some cool materials and technologies or someone else’s projects that you particularly like.

NO PowerPoints! Only demos, materials, pictures, video or audio. You have less than 5 minutes to present it.

See you in Kingston!


Purpose of this blog

This blog will serve as a repository before, during, and after the Soft Hardware studio at TEI 2012.

We will attempt to document as much as possible and ask you to do the same.

The idea is to upload pictures and videos to services like Vimeo and Flickr (tagged SoftHardware) but post entries here with links and descriptions for all of us to access again and again as we continue our work.